Copper teas lighting holders.

Include a touch of warmth to any room by lighting up a couple of tealights inside of these copper green tea light holders.

Not only are they an attractive addition to almost any area in the home in addition they include a warm shine towards the tealights you utilize with them. The refractive the outdoors of the within these rose gold teas light-weight holders implies you take advantage of the flicker and glow of your tealight as well as get yourself a beautiful around glow from the copper.

Not only are they ideal for bathtime as a an indulgent take care of in addition they look great as wedding table design. Make the best kitchen table burst with a set of wedding tea light-weight holders.

These tea gentle holders determine 42mm in diameter and they are 31mm great. For range the standard tealight size is 38mm in diameter (utilized in the photographs).

I suggest which you use these on the temperature resilient work surface and also to in no way abandon a burning candle unwatched.

Please note that there is a set of stamped measurement on the back of the copper tealight holders but they are only visible from one side and can be turned around to be hidden should you desire, although some people prefer the industrial look of the stamped meausurements.

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